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The sketches were happened during the period I was lost. I decided to travel back to my architectural background, and started to sketch freely on graph paper, looking at it as an urban landscape–bird eyed view. In Thailand, politics and vanity highly influence its urbanization which results in many unreasonable architectural restrictions. The city has been forming chaotically constantly, demonstrating disturbing landscape and difficult accessibility. 

In this work, I compared the chaotic urbanization with Disneyland; a theme park which is also chaotic but embracing. I found the whimsy of Disneyland; a fantasy performativity, converts the chaos into amusement. I then studied Disney characters through the use of architectural principles, disassembling their characters’ iconic elements and transforming them into proportional architectural components. Ultimately, this set of urban planning was created playfully through the use of serious principles.  


There always have been forms, functions, and structures. Objects as well as subjects offered up to the senses as accessible and recognizable forms. I was observing everything around me; how was/am I living? I became obsessed with private spaces (rooms) and the relationship among household objects. 


The proportion of everyday objects allows for certain interactions. I invented a structuralist toy that allows one to creativity formulate relationships between the space and objects, and among objects themselves. Forms of chair, table, bed, television, were designed to be pure geometric shapes in order to move and install each other intuitively. As Alma Siedhoff-Buscher said: “Every object in the room encourages imagination.”