8 Objects
8 Analogue Posters
1 Poetry
1 Interactive Publication

Mending plates, the ideal reinforcements for surface joints, made from steel with predrilled holes to specifically. These three dimension imaginary toys aim to encourage those who see them to explore and discover the possibility of construction and learn how to think, build, and distribute things in playful ways. Shape and form are derived from the features of mending plates. I merged, divided, and trimmed them to create a series of more complex shapes and forms. From metal to wood, make them light, hand-friendly, and playable.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 4.56.26 PM.png

This set of handcrafted posters is a transformation from the imaginary toy project – going from three to two dimensions, from movable to immovable, from innocence to experience, and from white to color. I transferred the function of a mending plate into a paper and focused on making a variety of structures for color paper collage.


Today, I woke up. It’s the day I fell down, it didn’t hurt, anymore. The day I ran around, it wasn’t bare foot, anymore. The day I saw lines, I saw wrinkles, next to my eyes. The day when time is faster than my mind. I wish I could play and stay in my world. Never come out to see the world. Never come out to see reality. I just want to laugh, just want to climb the trees, just want to eat the berries, and come back home. If I could ask for a space, I would ask for a playground. So I could run around, without shoes. So I could fall down, like an innocent bruise.