2017 began with the new era of Donald Trump. Polls showed the majority of Americans who voted for the president were worried about becoming victims of terrorism and crime that would mostly be caused by non-white people. These attitudes highly affected innocent people—people of different races, ethnicities, and those hoping to immigrate to the US.

I am a dual citizen, but my appearance is often labeled as a foreigner before I am able to show my passport. In reaction to this reality, I created a book entitled mono to emphasize the real purpose of politics (to unify the country) ironically. It is inspired by the form of the famous board game Monopoly which demonstrates truths about economics in a fun and relaxing way. For this reason, this project aimed to present the aspects of my perception of living in the United States—and how much anxiety and insecurity occurs starting with the first step entering the US through an immigration in the airport to living. This book addresses and explains difficulties and discomforts through the use of playful and fanciful elements, while at the same time subversively identifies the status of a player.


This game creates exceedingly different experiences for every individual. It creates a multi-level interactive play and also brings an approach of seeking for answers that often reflect back on the viewer’s conscience.