Tara Pairoj-Boriboon is an interdisciplinary designer living in the United States.

Tara is an American-born Thai designer. Her passion for arts happened complicatedly when she was a very small girl. She was convinced by her mother to tell stories through a set of color pencils. At that time, she didn’t like to draw much, instead of using those pencils to create lines, she used them as component parts to assemble. Afterwards, she grew up with construction toys/arts, such as lego, wood blocks, and origami, which highly activated her skill of building and forming things out of anything. Her father’s microscope was also one of her favorite instruments. She was weirdly obsessed with the close-ups of plant tissues which made her consumed knowledge of details and color combination spontaneously.

As everyone expected, she pursued an insight into Architecture for her Bachelor degree. Later, she found out how much laws and politics affected the potential of good architecture and habitat in Thailand, and how much corruptions ruined the public trust. The world to her since then became inaccessible and unreal. She started to create her own world through digital collages with a belief that those are what the real world should be. This was a time when she relocated herself into a world of Graphic Design; she believes Design can change the way she lives practically and theoretically.

After gaining experience as a graphic designer for years, Tara came back to the United States to pursue a master practice and knowledge of Design. Since her grad school, she has been a total positive escapist. She has a particular interest in making a dramatic irony, using all kinds of playful art and design, either graphic, experience, architecture, object, or sculpture, to create new ways of living, touching, reading, looking, and experiencing traumatic subject matters such as politics, racisms, violences, and phobias. Tara intends to create an intimate connection between imagination and reality in order to build great immunity to the real world.